Leathers/Skins Gabriel de Lys


Each of our bags are cut and handstitched by Master Craftsmen and Women. It can take up to 16 hours from start to finish and thats not including the manufacturing time for our raw materials.

We test the functionality and reliability of each design for a minimum of 3 months before going into production.

That is how we guarantee you luxury quality, superior functionality and 100% Made in France and 100% "Savoir-faire".

We pride ourselves on using a specific process to make a tanned full grain leathers.  

Produced in south of France, mainly in west-southern of France close to Biarritz area, our tanneries follow ancient tanning processes.

It take two months to produce our raw materials. Its natural tanning process means that with time our leather will continue to gain character and deepen in colour.

We handle different leather such as Marignan Leather, semi-matt calf leather with a grained texture and Leather Boetie, a soft and supple calfskin. Exotic peausseries such as Crocodile Alligator or Niloticus, Crocrodile Porosus, Crocodile Natura, Ostrich, Python, Lizard or Lizard Natura, come from the French or Italian tanneries, this last specialist for decades of the treatment of the skins reptilian.

Leather lining

The lining of our handbag is made in leather. The luxury quality, look and feel of our lining gives the inside of our bags as much beauty, function and character as the outside. 

For exotics models, we used goat skin. A goat leather is soft, lightweight and scratch resistant.